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We serve as a committee of the Sunset High School's Sunset Apollo Baseball Club (SABC) which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. SABC is the fundraising organization for Sunset's High School baseball program. With this connection, Sunset Youth Baseball is in a unique position to prepare your child to play High School Baseball.

Our goal at Sunset Youth Baseball is to build teams of players who reside within the Sunset High School boundaries who compete against other players of equal age and skill to prepare them for participation in the Sunset High School baseball program. Sunset Youth Baseball participates in Junior Baseball for our League. We also participate in Tournaments of all skills, with competition against Club, JBO, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth and Little League Teams. 



Our League is Westside Junior Baseball. 

The two main differences between JBO and other youth baseball programs are:

1. PLAYERS - Teams are built with comparably skilled players to maximize their learning and development.
2. RULES - High school baseball rules are used, for example, leading off and stealing bases.

Unlike traditional youth baseball leagues, JBO rules allow players to develop their baseball skills by playing with high school rules, mainly leading off and stealing bases. You may hear people call JBO "real baseball" due to these differences. There are modifications to each age division. JBO has players progress with field sizes ending up at regulation high school fields size by the Senior age division.

For more information about JBO, please visit their website.



Sunset Youth Baseball is currently evaluating Tournament play for 2020. All players will be eligible for Tournament play, based on skillset. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting continuted evolution of Tournament Play for Sunset Youth Baseball

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