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We will hold annual "clean slate" evaluations.  Evaluations will be run and organized by Sunset Youth Baseball Coaches in coordination with Coach Barnes and his high school coaching staff. Coach Barnes has spent a lot of effort organizing the evaluations and the skillsets that will be of importance during the evaluations. After evaluations, the Sunset Youth Baseball Coaches, in coordination with Coach Barnes, will then assign players of matching skill level and talent on the appropriate teams.

Upon completion of evaluations, players will be placed on appropriate levels of play based on Junior Baseball Organizations level of play:

Federal:  Highly competitive play more skilled players

American:  Competitive play, and next skilled players

National:  Perfect level for players developing their skills

The teams will also be formed based on the needs and makeup of the players at each level. As Coach Barnes stated in his introductory player meeting, they will be putting together teams based on the ‘best nine, not the nine best’. Hard workers, good teammates and positive attitudes will be the deciding factor when two or more players are evaluated to be similarly talented.


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