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Divisions and Levels of Play
There are three grade/age DIVISIONS (age determined by July 31st):

MIDGET: 2nd-4th Grade - 45' pitching / 60' bases
JUNIOR: 5th-6th Grade - 50' pitching / 70' bases
SENIOR: 7th-8th Grade - 60' pitching / 90' bases

Within the three divisions there are three LEVELS of play. The appropriate level will depend on the ability and experience of the player (determined at evaluations *).

* Pre-season evaluation attendance is REQUIRED to be assigned to the appropriate level:

FEDERAL - most skilled players
AMERICAN - intermediate skilled players
NATIONAL - developing players

The goal of JBO is to assure that players participate against other players of equal age and skill.

Each division and level has an opportunity for post-season play for a certain number of teams based on their standings resulting from regular league play. They could advance to the District tournament and possibly further advance to the State tournament.