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From Coach Barnes

Dear Sunset Baseball Community,

My name is John Barnes, the new head baseball coach at Sunset High School. I have spent the past ten years as an assistant coach at Pacific University, the last five as the associate head coach. I am very excited about the opportunity at Sunset High School. I would like to thank the Sunset community for being so open and welcoming as we make this important transition. As we continue on a new path for the program, I just want to assure the Sunset baseball community how excited and anxious we are to get started and how important it is to get our Sunset youth program to share in our vision and mission for the program. We look forward to the opportunity to work with the youth programs—players, coaches, and parents— as the youth programs will form the backbone of our baseball program. Baseball is a great game. It teaches life lessons and our goal is that the players in our program will use their experiences and apply them to their own lives after high school. Lastly, I would like to share our mission statement with the Sunset baseball community:

The Sunset Apollo Baseball Program will provide an environment that promotes excellence in the classroom and on the playing field, and uses the game of baseball as a means to educate, promote and infuse the qualities necessary to succeed in life. Our baseball program will emphasize the importance of student-athletes’ priorities: (1) Family, (2) Academics and (3) Baseball.


John Barnes
Head Baseball Coach
Sunset High School

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