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Boundaries and Eligibility

For League play, JBO is placing a renewed emphasis on ensuring players are playing for the appropriate JBO Association. League boundaries mirror the boundaries of the associated High School. Sunset JBO boundaries are those of Sunset High School. If your player resides within the Sunset High School boundary, or is 'open enrolled' and will be attending Sunset High School, the player is eligible (proof will be required prior to evaluations). If the player resides outside of Sunset High School boundary, the player should play with the appropriate JBO association. Sunset JBO will be verifying residency prior to evaluations.

If you are unsure of what the Sunset High School boundaries are, here is a link to a website showing the boundaries: BOUNDARY 

The specific rules for eligibility (as well as all other governing rules) can be found in HERE.

If you have already enrolled in Sunset Youth Baseball, and you are not eligible, you are entiled to a 100% refund, and we will help you find the appropriate Association.



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