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Sunset Youth Baseball Meeting

The next Sunset Youth Baseball board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 18th.  Feel free to communicate any questions or concerns to prior to our next meeting.


Sunset Summer Baseball

Is the summer team part of the school?

A: The Sunset summer team is managed and operated through SABC - Sunset Apollo Baseball Club. It is not part of the school, but is for only for those players who attend Sunset High School, or a Sunset HS feeder school.

Who is selected for the summer team?

A: Sunset Baseball summer teams are selected / formed from players who attend Sunset High School, or Sunset HS feeder schools. Two teams are formed: 1) Developmental Team, and 2) Advanced Team. Both teams are coached by Sunset HS Team coaches. The Sunset summer Baseball Coaches will notify all players and communicate if they made a team, and which summer team they will for during the summer.

How long is the Sunset Summer Baseball season?

A: The season will usually begin in early June and finish end of July / early August. The teams will play a combination of league games and tournaments during the season - expect to play 30 - 40 games during the summer season.

Can I play club ball in summer?

A: Players can play on a club or any other teams in the summer; however, it is preferred and recommended that they play on the Sunset summer team. Any player wishing to play on a team other than a Sunset team should first discuss this option or decision with the Sunset HS Baseball Coaches.

Who is in charge of baseball in the summer?

A: Sunset Summer Baseball is operated by SABC. The Sunset HS Varsity Baseball Coach will oversee the summer program.

How much does it cost to play in the summer?

A: Sunset HS Summer Baseball Fees have been $350 for the past few years - SABC fund raising activities help to keep player fees competitive with other HS Summer Baseball Programs.

What is the difference between the spring and summer teams?

A: The Sunset HS Spring Teams are managed and operated following OSAA Guidelines through Sunset High School. The Sunset Athletic Director and Sunset HS Varsity Baseball Coach will oversee the program. There will be 3 teams, and players will need to participate in a try out process. The spring season will start in early March and end in late May - early June depending if team makes playoffs. OSAA limits the number of games each team can play in the spring. Weather and field availability can influence the number of games played.

The Sunset Summer Teams are managed and supported by the SABC. There will be 2 teams, and players may need to participate in a try out process. The summer season will start in early June and end in late July. There are no limits on the number of games the team can play - the coach will create the summer schedule.

What do my summer fees cover?

A: Sunset Summer Baseball Fees help to cover some of the cost to run the Sunset Summer Program. This includes tournament fees, uniforms, umpire fees, equipment, etc……..

Who selects the coaches?

A: The Sunset HS Varsity Coach is selected by the SHS Athletic Director. All other assistants for the Sunset HS Teams (V, JV, FR) are selected and assigned by the Varsity Baseball Coach.

For the Sunset Summer Program, Baseball Coaches are selected and managed by the Sunset Varsity Head Coach.

How will Sunset Summer Teams travel to away games?

A: Sunset Summer Teams arrange their own travel to away games. Players will usually meet at the Sunset Baseball Field and car pool together to away games. Drivers can be parents, or players who are properly licensed to drive.

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