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SABC Meeting Schedule

Next meeting is scheduled for May 16th at 6:30pm.

The location & directions to the conference room are listed below:

“The meeting room is located in the main office building, on the 3rd floor - which is only one floor up from west main entrance.  From the main entrance, take the stairs just past reception desk, up one level.  At the top, take a right U-turn, and it is the first room on the left.”

 Pacific Automation Main Office Address14747 Northwest Greenbrier Parkway, Beaverton 97006



What is SABC?

A: SABC - Sunset Apollo Baseball Club is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization that was formed to support Sunset Baseball Program Teams (High School & Junior Baseball). It is managed by a volunteer board and meets monthly with the goal of developing & providing a premier baseball experience for all Sunset Baseball Players. SABC encourages all parents to participate and / or support SABC activities.

Sunset HS Spring Baseball

One thing that was never clear to me is if we (as family) could plan on a Spring Vacation or if all teams will be involved in Spring Break Tournaments.

A: The varsity team will always play some games during the week of Spring Break Vacation. In addition, in alternating years, the Varsity Team has traveled to Arizona for games during Spring Break. The JV & Freshmen Teams are not scheduled to play games during week of Spring Break Vacation. However, it is possible "optional" baseball practice / work out activities may be scheduled for those available / in the area during the week of spring break.

I was also never sure how the "try out" process was done.

A: Baseball is cut sport for Sunset High School. The tryout process is managed by the Sunset HS Baseball coaches and is used to evaluate the baseball skills and potential of all players. Following the try out process, the coaches will determine the number and placement of players on the Freshmen, JV and Varsity Teams. The length of the try out process is usually completed within 4 - 7 days from the initial practice date, try outs will be held each day, rain or shine. If needed, the try out process may extend to Saturday if needed.

Who is the contact person/email for each team when we have questions, concerns, etc.

A: If you have questions, these should be directed to the Head Coach of your son's team. If they cannot answer your question, they will direct you to the appropriate contact. Once teams are formed, coaches contact information will be posted on the SABC website.

Where can game schedules be found for all Sunset Spring Baseball Teams?

A: All Sunset Team schedules can be found on the Metro League website. Coaches will notify players of changes to the game schedule, but the Metro League website will have the most updated & accurate games schedules for Varsity, JV and Freshmen Teams. The Metro League website can be found at:

How will I know if games are cancelled due to weather or other issues?

A: The Sunset Athletic Department manages a daily hotline to communicate any changes to the current day's game schedule for all sports. The number is: 503-259-5140

Do I need a physical to play baseball?

A: Yes, all players will need to have a current physical to play baseball. Beaverton School District requires students who participate in extracurricular sports to have a physical examination once every two years. If the player had a physical completed the previous year, they may be asked to submit a form signed by your doctor to confirm the physical was completed.

How much does it cost to play in the spring?

A: Sunset HS Spring Baseball Fees include a $225 BSD Player Participation Fee and cost to complete Physical. The participation fee is set by the School District and is paid by players who make the team. No fee is required to try out. The player may need to complete a form, signed by their doctor, that a physical had been performed in the last if the school does not have record of the physical.

Who is in charge of baseball in the spring?

A: Sunset Spring Baseball is operated by Sunset High School. The Sunset HS Athletic Director and Sunset HS Varsity Baseball Coach oversee the program.

Can I work out at an academy or club?

A: Yes, players can choose to work out, or attend baseball skill classes at an academy or club of their choice. The Sunset HS Baseball coaches believe these can be a good experience and beneficial for many players. Sunset HS baseball does not endorse any specific club or academy, and will expect the player to support the coaching / teaching philosophy of Sunset over the club or academy.

Where can players go to get additional instruction or work on skills?

A: Sunset HS Baseball does not endorse any specific baseball academy business, but we do believe there are a variety of options to choose from, if interested, in the Beaverton area. The Sunset Baseball Coaches can provide additional feedback and work with each player to identify possible skill improvement plans.

What is the difference between the spring and summer teams?

A: The Sunset HS Spring Teams are managed and operated following OSAA Guidelines through Sunset High School. The Sunset Athletic Director and Sunset HS Varsity Baseball Coach will oversee the program. There will be 3 teams, and players will need to participate in a try out process. The spring season will start in early March and end in late May - early June depending if team makes playoffs. OSAA limits the number of games each team can play in the spring. Weather and field availability can influence the number of games played.

The Sunset Summer Teams are managed and supported by the SABC. There will be 2 teams, and players may need to participate in a try out process. The summer season will start in early June and end in late July. There are no limits on the number of games the team can play - the coach will create the summer schedule.

What do my spring fees pay for?

A: Sunset HS Spring Baseball Fees help to cover some of the cost to run the Spring High School Program. This includes coaches, uniforms, umpire fees, equipment, transportation, etc……..

Who selects the coaches?

A: The Sunset HS Varsity Coach is selected by the SHS Athletic Director. All other assistants for the Sunset HS Teams (V, JV, FR) are selected and assigned by the Varsity Baseball Coach.

For the Sunset Summer Program, Baseball Coaches are selected and managed by the Sunset Varsity Head Coach.

Will the baseball players be given lockers to store their gear at school?

A: Lockers will be issued after basketball and wrestling seasons are completed. It is suggested that before lockers are issued the players store their baseball equipment with a teacher, coach, or in the office.

When do off-season workouts begin?

A: The Sunset Baseball Program will offer off-season workouts beginning mid-November. OSAA rules prevent coaches from "coaching" during these scheduled pre-season workouts. They can supervise the workouts, but must follow the Rule of 2 during the off-season - individual coaching is limited to no more than 2 players at any time. Pre-season workouts will be scheduled after school and consist of weight training, speed & agility and hitting. As we get closer to the try out date, more activities may be planned to assist players in preparing for the season.

Who selects the coaches?

A: The Sunset HS Varsity Coach is selected by the SHS Athletic Director. All other assistants for the Sunset HS Teams (V, JV, FR) are selected and assigned by the Varsity Baseball Coach.

For the Sunset Summer Program, Baseball Coaches are selected and managed by the Sunset Varsity Head Coach.

How will Sunset High School players travel to away games?

A: Sunset High School Teams will travel to away games in buses provided by the school. Due to weather changes and bus coordination between other teams, it's possible that alternative transportation plans may need to be made at the last minute. The coaches will notify players & parents of these changes.