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SABC Meeting Schedule

Next meeting is scheduled for May 16th at 6:30pm.

The location & directions to the conference room are listed below:

“The meeting room is located in the main office building, on the 3rd floor - which is only one floor up from west main entrance.  From the main entrance, take the stairs just past reception desk, up one level.  At the top, take a right U-turn, and it is the first room on the left.”

 Pacific Automation Main Office Address14747 Northwest Greenbrier Parkway, Beaverton 97006

2016 Sunset Invitational

***Congratulations to the following 2016 Championship Teams***


Midget American Champions: Redland
Midget American 2nd Place: Central
Championship Game Score: 6-5

Junior American Champions: Redland
Junior American 2nd Place: Lakeridge
Championship Game Score: 8-4

Junior Federal Champions: Clackamas
Junior Federal 2nd Place: Sunset
Championship Game Score: 9-8

Senior National Champions: Sunset Davis
Senior National 2nd Place: Westview
Championship Game Score: 18-7

Senior American Champions: Sandy
Senior American 2nd Place: Forest Grove
Championship Game Score: 1-0

Senior Fed Champions: CYO
Senior Fed 2nd Place: Sunset
Championship Game Score: 10-8


2016 Participants

Approved Teams

Team Category
FG Junior American Junior American
Junior American Junior American
Lakeridge Pacers Junior American
Redland (Salisbury) Junior American
Warriors Junior American
Westview Navy Junior American
Westview Red Rodgers Junior American
Cedar Mill Raptors Junior Federal
Central Junior Federal
Clackamas JBO Junior Federal
FG Junior Federal Junior Federal
Junior Federal Junior Federal
Liberty Junior Federal Junior Federal
Tualatin Junior Federal
Westview Wildcats Junior Federal
Aloha Midget American Midget American
Central JBO Midget American
Cleveland Warriors Midget American
Forest Grove MA Midget American
Liberty Falcons Midget American
Midget American Midget American
Redland (Loftis) Midget American
Westview Wildcats Midget American
Cleveland Warriors Senior American
FG Senior American Senior American
Liberty Senior American Senior American
Newberg Tigers Senior American
Sandy Senior American Black Senior American
Senior American - Black Senior American
Southridge American U13 Senior American
Sunset Senior American - Purple Senior American
CYO Senior Federal Senior Federal
Lake Oswego Senior Federal Senior Federal
Lincoln senior fed Senior Federal
Raleigh Hills Juniors Senior Federal
Reynolds Senior Federal
Sprague Olympians Senior Federal
Sunset Senior Federal Senior Federal
West Linn 14u Senior Federal
FG Senior National Senior National
Senior National - Black Senior National
Senior National - Purple Senior National
Wild Cats Senior National